Community Service Programs (CSP)

Part of being a member of MCWC  is to give back to the community through selecting a “program of work” to work within. Our Six Community Service Programs and Domestic Violence Special Project are listed below:

+ Arts

The GFWC Morrow Civic Woman’s Club Arts Community Service Program (CSP) encourages members to promote, support, and engage in arts activities in our schools, community, and individual lives. It is designed to inspire us as clubwomen to particpate more in our own world of art as well as to share art with those around us. It can be as simple as taking a photograph or it can reach further to teaching an art class. Art is an amazing tool, it can save a life. We at Morrow Civic Woman’s Club understand this and share the gift of art as much as we can.

  • Share art with those who may not have access to it; from classrooms, a domestic violence shelter and individuals in need.
  • Encourage visiting and attending local, national, and international plays, concerts, and museums , art fairs and shows.
  • Support local art initiatives, including local art shows and MCWC member work.

Last year, the Arts CSP found numerous ways to incorporate arts activities in the lives of our members and especially in the community. From visiting and attending local, national, and international plays, concerts, and museums to supporting a local artist / member’s solo art show, as well as, performing artists, and arts teachers. We also taught art classes at Haven House, a domestic violence shelter. Our club’s presence raised public awareness and recognized young talent.

A special past project took place when the Arts and Conservation Community Service Programs joined together at Haven House, a domestic violence shelter, for a nature art day. We made terrariums, seed bombs, and painted sticks.

+ Conservation

Conservation Community Service Program is designed for members to gain an appreciation for our environment. Members are encouraged to increase awareness of conservation issues, work to preserve, maintain and restore our natural resources, preserve habitats for plants and animals, and participate in endeavors to beautify and sustain the world around us.

  • Members of the MCWC have worked to remove non-native invasive species, plant native flowers for pollinators, and provide soil erosion control at Stately Oaks, in Jonesboro.
  • Members are encouraged to recycle items through their county and to replace disposable items in their homes with reusable items, such as canvas tote bags for shopping and cloth towels for use in the kitchen instead of paper towels.
  • Conservation also partnered with Arts CSP this year to deliver a collaborative educational and creative program to children and adults at Haven House during which participants made terrariums with live plants out of recycled materials and also created seed bombs with wildflower seeds.

Below are photos from our Conservation (CSP) project at Stately Oaks.

+ Domestic Violence

The goal of the Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Special Project is to increase awareness of and help prevent the widespread occurrence of domestic abuse. Morrow Civic Woman’s Club supports local established programs and the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence by providing educational opportunities for club members and local citizens and supporting their efforts with monetary and in kind donations. Morrow Civic Woman’s Club is a powerful voice for those who have no voice.

The Morrow Civic Woman’s Club members speak with one voice:

  • To develop and influence federal and state legislation that positively affects the lives of domestic violence survivors and their families.
  • To protect the safety, security, and dignity of all citizens.
  • To promote projects that support and cultivate work with national, state and local domestic violence and abuse organizations.

Throughout the past year, contributions were made to the Haven House, Securus House, and Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Each month members donate wish list items for Haven House and Securus House. Members serve Haven House by leadership on the Board of Directors (president) and participating in the 5K and Casino Night fundraisers. As part of the education emphasis, and in partnership with St. Philip Benizi Church in Jonesboro, backpacks filled with school supplies were provided to child witnesses of family violence.

Below are photos from our Domestic Violence (CSP) activities.

+ Education

The goal of the GFWC Morrow Civic Woman’s Club Education Community Service Program (CSP) is to develop projects that will help improve the quality of life and create a better world. We focus on family and youth literacy, tutoring and mentoring, and promoting member reading.

During the past year we have had a variety of projects. Locally we became Partners in Education with Huie Elementary School. As a partner we provide school supplies for students at the beginning of school, we donated one pair of ear buds for students to use with computers in the classroom, we donated gently used books to students, we helped with the book fair, provided food for teachers on Teacher Appreciation Day, and provided snacks for teachers at the beginning of school and at Thanksgiving.

  • We supported the organization providing assistance to homeless students in the Clayton County Schools.
  • Donated over ninety gently used large print books members supplied to an assisted living facility and donated over one hundred books to Friends of the Library.
  • To increase the literacy of preschool children and students in a local shelter, we donated books so they will have their own library.
  • On the state and national level we volunteered to judge the annual Southeast Regional Home Schooled Student Speech and Debate competition held in Clayton County.
  • On the international level we investigated and then donated funds to Rescue.org, an organization that provides schooling for girls in over forty countries.

Below are photos from MCWC Education (CSP) outreach at Huie Elementary School.

+ Home Life

The Home Life Community Service Program encourages all club members to have a healthy mind, body, and soul, and to strive to help others in need. We do service projects with the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, and women’s health issues. We also participate in community service projects with Habitat for Humanity, Good Shepherd Clinic, Salvation Army, and the Calvary Refuge Center by collecting items, donating money or giving of our time. When working with these organizations, we are hoping to bring some stability towards the families in need.

Annually, we give financial support to the Calvary Refuge Center, our local homeless shelter and we also prepare a meal for their residents. Each year, the home life committee organizes a shopping trip and coordinates with club members to collect monetary donations and gifts for the Salvation Army Forgotten Angels. These are families that need assistance during the holiday season.

All through the year we assist and support the Good Shepherd Clinic in many ways. GSC is a free medical  clinic in Clayton county community for its residents that do not have healthcare. We have club members that volunteer on a weekly bases at the clinic. We collect calendars for the clients to assist them in managing their medical appointments and needs. The GSC has two big fundraisers each year. We participate in both events. We sponsor and decorate a table for the Pillar’s luncheon and have club members attend the event. We also participate in the Tomato Sandwich Party by donating deviled eggs and cookies. We encourage all club members to attend this event.

Below are photos from various Home Life (CSP) projects.

+ International

The GFWC Morrow Civic Woman’s Club encourages our members to reach beyond our own neighborhoods to the global community to make a lasting difference in the lives of children, their families, and communities. The GFWC Morrow Civic Woman’s Club International Outreach Community Service Program (CSP) is designed to enable our members to become better world citizens through advocacy, education, and action that in turn affect change in and for our global family and their communities.

In most cases, we cannot be physically present to assist and make changes in countries around the world; however, we make donations through partnership agencies who assist those in the greatest need. We have found countless ways to support global development and make a lasting difference by working toward raising cultural awareness; conducting fundraising activities to support healthy child development; advocating for basic human needs such as food, water, clothing, and education; promoting self-sufficiency; and promoting awareness of world hunger and human trafficking.

In 2018, the International Outreach CSP supported Save the Children Federation, Unicef, Red Nose Day, Heifer International, Operation Christmas Child, Traveling Tutus, and Fair Trade producers through personal purchases. Below are three specific projects that focused on additional partnerships.

  • Club members advocated for lifesaving immunizations for children across the globe through the United Nations Foundations’ Shot@Life Program. We contacted our legislators with the message to prioritize lifesaving vaccines. Our participation in monthly fundraising “shot” games such as a basketball shoot and cup coin toss supported our donation goal of vaccinating one child every day in 2018.
  • To educate ourselves on the plight of refugees and their adjustment to life in the US, we visited Clarkston, Georgia, which is home for thousands of refugees. In speaking with individuals at the Clarkston Community Center and Refuge Coffee we learned how MCWC could best support the community through Friends of Refugees.
  • We supported Operation Smile by actively sewing Smile Bags for children to receive after cleft lip or cleft palate surgery. Items were donated to be included in each bag such as toiletries, stuffed animals, coloring books, and crayons.

Below are photos from various International CSP projects.

+ Public Issues

Public Issues Community Service Program mission is to educate members and others about the importance of active citizenship, and encourage participation in related activities. Educate members and others about community, home and vehicle safety issues, and encourage citizen action on these issues.

Veterans Affairs

  • Members provide socks filled with personal items and toiletries for the Veterans in the Veteran’s home near the Veteran’s hospital
  • Supported financially the USO phone home and Veteran/child reading program.
  • Collected towels and socks for the local shower trailer for the homeless vets and others
  • Several members participated in the Quilts of Valor program, creating the quilts and assisting in the presentation of the quilts to the Veterans.
    Inquiring into participating in local cemetery involvement in Wreaths Across America, honoring Veteran’s gravesites during the Christmas holiday season.

Citizenship Participation

  • Promoted and rewarded member voting for the mid-term primary and regular elections 
Encouraged members to serve at the local precincts
  • Encouraged communicating with elected officials regarding various issues
    Club in partnership with local Kiwanis organization, provided the libraries of Clayton County with indoor American flags for use in various activities
    Community/Personal Disaster Preparedness
  • Provided Club members with information regarding suggested supplies to have on hand in their home in case of emergencies.. 
A representative from the local agency spoke to the group regarding being ready.
  • Provided an emergency radio for a local school 
Will be checking with other schools who may need such radios as well.

Home Safety

  • Remind members and all others to keep their smoke alarms in working condition– could save you and/or your family’s life

Vehicle Safety

  • Encourage participation in the AARP seminars about reinforcing driving skills
  • Participate in the Bee a Buckler program to remind all passengers of vehicles to buckle their seatbelts
  • Remind all that it is the law in Georgia to refrain from talking/holding your cell phone while you are driving.


Below are photos from a Public Issues CPS project with the Girl Scouts..