+ Talluah Falls School Project

Tallulah Falls School was started by Georgia Club women over a hundred years ago to educate poor mountain children. Today, it has evolved into one of the top premier college prep schools in the USA. We have 560 student this year with a waiting list in all grades. The average grade point is 3.8. We have about one third of our students who are boarding and about 1/4 are International students. International students pay full tuition and of the remaining students about 80% are receiving scholarships. We have a beautiful campus with multiple beautiful buildings surrounded by the North Georgia mountains. For more information please visit:

The below are pictures from our 4th annual bike ride. We had over 100 riders from all over the USA and raised over $50,000.

+ Calvary Refuge

Calvary Refuge, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides emergency and transitional housing and food for homeless individuals and families in need. Through the continued effort of our staff, our volunteers, financial and other donations, and generous grants provided by federal, state, and county agencies, the Calvary Refuge Center has aided the homeless for nearly 30 years.

+ Good Shepherd Clinic

Good Shepherd Clinic’s mission is to provide free primary medical care to uninsured residents of Clayton County who have limited financial resources. Our goal is to witness to the ministry of Christ by providing quality health care in an atmosphere of dignity and respect for all.